Baja Vest With That Lords Patch On My Chest

At Lords, we strive to bring everyone quality shi** especially from our Lords Original collection. Our sewing team puts the bad boys from the collection together from scratch with quality fabric, thread and if you even peep our buttons, they say Lords on 'em. Check out Ben Kelsch's story who emailed us about our Baja Canvas Vest;

"Just want to let you guys know that the Lords original vest I bought last year saved my skin a few months ago. I had my front brake lock up on my 2008 street bob doing about 60km/hr on asphalt, sending me sliding fora bit on my back once I kicked the bike away. 

It truely saved by back from being totally fucked. Shredded my sweater sleeves and rashed up my hip and legs. But your guys' vest didn't even pull a thread. 
Bike is fine; many kms since then. Broke my wrist in the end but thankful for the quality of your vest, and also looking totally badass even sliding down the street wrong side up. Never leaving the house without it."
Here's our dude Ben rocking the vest, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Ride safe everyone!