About Lords of Gastown

Revving its engine into existence in 2011, Lords of Gastown Motorcycle Co., founded and led by the legendary Tyler Hazelwood, roared onto the scene from the untamed motorcycle culture of the Pacific Northwest.

In this brotherhood, we ain't about flashy trends. We live and breathe the true spirit of the road, where function reigns supreme. All our sacred creations have been pushed to the limit, tested on over 100,000 miles of unforgiving highways across the wild terrains of North and South America.

Feast your eyes on our premium Lords Originals line, meticulously crafted and infused with the sweat and soul of our dedicated pack. Every stitch, every detail, forged by the hands of our skilled artisans, residing in the sacred Lords Workshop nestled within the heart of Vancouver. These garments are the armor of warriors, embodying the essence of the open road.

But don't let the Lords Originals steal all the thunder. Our other offerings, conceived deep within the essence of Lords, hail from the Great White North, the land of the maple leaf, and the USA, the birthplace of freedom. With a touch of global allure, we've also sourced some badass leather jackets from the far corners of this planet, hand-picking only the finest hide for our brethren.

Now, we ain't blind to the wolves lurking in the shadows. Beware of the imitations that dare to mimic our heritage. Our original brands, the legendary Lords of Gastown, the defiant More Trees Less Assholes, and the rebellious Lords of Grasstown, are the sacred symbols of our unwavering spirit. Stand tall, my brothers, and reject the deceitful charms of the fakes that seek to dilute our legacy.

To all you warriors who have stood by our side, raising your glasses to the roaring thunder, we salute you. Your unwavering support has fueled our engines, propelling us down the open highway of greatness. With each passing mile, your loyalty strengthens our resolve to redefine the very essence of motorcycle culture.

Thank you, from the depths of our iron-clad souls.

– Team Lords