Our Story

Established in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada by Founder and Creative Director Tyler Hazelwood, Lords of Gastown Motorcycle Co. was born from the motorcycle culture of the Pacific Northwest. 

Emphasizing function over fashion, all our products have been rider-tested on over 100,000 miles of highway throughout North and South America.

Our premium Lords Originals line of riding gear and clothing is 100% designed, built, and hand-sewn by our skilled team at the Lords Workshop in Vancouver.

All of our other products (with the exception of some leather jackets sourced globally and chosen for their high quality) are designed by Lords in Canada, and nearly all of them are made in Canada and the USA.

Our original brands (which are often ripped off, don’t fall for fakes!) are Lords of Gastown, More Trees Less Assholes, and Lords of Grasstown

Thanks for your support!

– Team Lords