Lords x Fubar Collection

Lords x Fubar

We are proud to announce our collab with Give'r Terry is ready to get 'er done!

100% made in Canada, this Canadian suit of armour works for any season or event. Warm or cold weather, at work or at a wedding, you'll be covered. Built for given'r all day every day.

For a limited time - Free gift from Give'r Terry!
Give'r Terry Flannel Swag

I started wearing my mac back in the early 90’s when it was already 20 years old. I was in highschool and my mom gave it to me to wear for class photos.

She said here’s somethin’ classy yer old man left ya. So mine is mine as it was my old man’s before me. No joke. Even found half a pack of du maurier's in the breast pocket. So when he left us to go out for smokes he was clearly fibbin’ the fucker.

Some of you been like, oh hey Ter, where can I get a sweet Mac Jacket like yours? I’m like, I don’t know. So I look all over only to find out lo an behold they don’t make’m no more. They make knock offs but not the original real good deal ‘n feel if you know what I mean. So I got to thinkin’. I’ll make my own, fuck.

Somethin’ that doesn’t go to shit, that can replace a winter jacket but don’t have them long sleeves so ya can’t tinker. No gettin’ yer hands caught in yer gear or like if yer workin’ the layth yer fuckin’ long sleeved jacket’s a hassle. So ya, I sourced everything myself and got some real biker tailors to make each one by hand.

So fer those of you who can ‘preciate top quality ‘n only like to shop once. I present… Give'r Terry OG Mac Flannel Jacket.

Awooooooo! Give’r Terry 

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