Buy Simpson Motorcycle Helmets and Shields Online in Canada

A motorcyclist's helmet is not a mere accessory—it's an inseparable ally, an emblem of individuality, and a vigilant sentinel. In our unceasing dedication to the discerning motorcyclists who ride the roads of our world, Lords of Gastown is honoured to present an exclusive collection of Simpson motorcycle helmets, an embodiment of unmatched quality, extraordinary comfort, and limitless personalization.

Simpson: An Enduring Legacy of Superiority

Founded in 1959 by Bill Simpson, Simpson Performance Products has ceaselessly been a pioneer in the realm of motorsport safety gear. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence finds expression in its helmets, each imbued with unparalleled craftsmanship, resilience, and lightweight design. Whether it's the featherlight Simpson Mod Bandit Carbon Helmet or the iconic Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet, each model testifies to Simpson's dedication to superior performance and safety.

The Symphony of Comfort and Elegance

Simpson helmets masterfully blend comfort and aesthetics, ensuring riders no longer have to forsake one for the other. The Simpson Outlaw Bandit Helmet - Gen 2 and the classic Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet, with their meticulously designed padding, guarantee the perfect fit and comfort for long, wind-blown journeys.

The exteriors, meanwhile, are a testament to Simpson's refined aesthetics and sleek design. Each helmet is more than a safety gear—it's a reflection of the rider's unique personality and style.

Unleashing Personalization

Simpson empowers riders to create a helmet that mirrors their individuality and riding needs. The Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet and the Simpson Speed Bandit Helmet allow riders to select from a vast array of shields and visors. Whether it's the robust Simpson Ghost/Speed Bandit Exterior Shield, the stylish Simpson Mod Bandit Exterior Shield, or the daring Simpson Outlaw Bandit Shield - Gen 2, the possibilities are endless.

For those seeking to enhance their helmets, Simpson provides the Simpson Ghost/MOD Bandit Interior Shield, the Simpson Ghost/Speed/Mod Bandit Interior Pinlock Shield, the Simpson Ghost Bandit Ratchet Kit, and the Simpson Outlaw Bandit Gen 2 Pivot Kit. These accessories guarantee the perfect fit, easy adjustments, and an elevated riding experience.

Simpson Helmets: A Click Away

Lords of Gastown, in its mission to bring these exceptional helmets to a broader audience, is thrilled to offer online shopping across Canada, the United States and Mexico. Browse our rich collection of Simpson motorcycle helmets, choose the model that resonates with your riding spirit, personalize it with a variety of accessories, and secure your purchase with a few easy clicks.

Buy Simpson Helmets and Shields Online

Simpson motorcycle helmets, with their unwavering commitment to quality, comfort, and personalization, are the definitive choice for riders who demand nothing less than the best. Whether you're weaving through city streets or embracing the call of the open road, Simpson and Lords of Gastown pledge to deliver the protection and style you so rightly deserve.

Embark on your Simpson experience today. Ride with confidence, ride with style, and above all, ride with the assurance that you're shielded by the best in the business. Your journey awaits, and with Simpson and Lords of Gastown, it promises to be unforgettable. Begin your journey today by exploring our Simpson collection and purchasing your new helmet online at Lords of Gastown. Discover why, when it comes to motorcycle helmets, Simpson stands unrivalled.

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At Lords of Gastown, we're more than just a retailer—we're part of a community of riders who believe in the power of quality, the importance of safety, and the freedom of the open road. That's why we're proud to offer Simpson motorcycle helmets to our customers in Canada, bringing the pinnacle of motorsport safety gear directly to your doorstep.

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Remember, the road awaits, and with Simpson and Lords of Gastown, your journey promises to be an extraordinary one. So answer the call of the open road. Choose Simpson. Choose Lords of Gastown. Begin your journey today.