April 13th - 16th

We are partnering up with 805 BEER for the LORDS MOTO VILLAGE TAKEOVER at the 8th annual VESTAL VILLAGE.  The property is over 700 acres of stunning mountain landscapes, green grasses, tropical palms, swimming and fishing in the freshwater lake or take in the day parties in the giant beach entry pool. 

This year's Moto Village takeover will feature moto camping for the four days, a bike and car show, 805 BEER sponsored bar after party on the Saturday April 15th, guest hosts @LeticiaCline & @justinchatwin, and all the other mayhem you'd expect.

Get your Vip Invite & Camping Package Here! Password: Kyuss

Enter to win! Thank The Lords Getaway Contest:

1st Prize:

There will be (4) Brand Sponsored Tents. These are the fully loaded glamping tents with $4k+ in gifts, plus what each tent sponsor provides. Plus vip day passes to the pool party for you and your guest! 4 winner get to bring 1 homie along for the ride and share in the booty or keep it all for yourself!

- Two Brother 2-1 pipe

- $1000 in Biltwell Gift Cards

- BMC x Lords seat

- Moons MC Head Lights +

- $500 Lords Prize Pack

- $250 My Pakage Prize Pack


2nd Prize: 

- Two Brother 2-1 pipe + $250 Bitlwell Gift Card + Lords Prize Pack


3rd Prize:

- $250 Biltwell Gift Card + Lords Prize Pack + My Pakage Prize Pack




To enter the raffle and giveaway, simply complete all of the following steps:

1. Follow all sponsors on Instagram.
2. Re-post the image above, and tag all sponsors.
3. Tag the guest you would want to bring to Vestal Village if you won & #ThanktheLordsGiveAway.

Give Away Sponsors: