Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Interview With Tyler Hazelwood

This blog post is paraphrased from a recent interview with Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys who chatted with Tyler recently on Youtube and their website.

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Lords of Gastown Motorcycle Co., a harmonious blend of function and fashion, forged in the thriving motorcycle culture of the Pacific Northwest. In 2011, Tyler Hazelwood, Founder and Creative Director, breathed life into this company, inspired by his deep-rooted passion for motorcycles. Let's embark on a journey of exploration with Tyler as he opens up about his road to recovery from Crohn's disease, the birth of Lords of Gastown, and his ambitious vision for the brand's future. Along the way, we'll delve into the unique facets of the West Coast motorcycle culture, his favorite ride spots, and the invaluable life lessons learned from an unexpected motorcycle accident.

Tyler's romance with motorcycles sprouted in his early twenties during his battle with Crohn’s disease. The mere thought of the exhilarating freedom that came with hitting the open road on a motorcycle ignited a spark in him, motivating him towards a healthier lifestyle.

The inception of Lords of Gastown was driven by a genuine desire to fill a gap in the market. Tyler and his team were eager to own clothes and bikes that Harley-Davidson simply didn't provide. This was a period when chrome was being replaced by black, and the club style was becoming a mainstream aesthetic, significantly influenced by the television show Sons of Anarchy. Lords of Gastown emerged as a manifestation of a brand, clothing line, and aesthetic that was unavailable off-the-rack from Harley-Davidson.

Tyler's ambitious vision for the future of the brand extends beyond just keeping up with trends. With an innovative spirit, he plans to diversify the brand by launching a beer, a pre-roll cannabis collection, and a high-end cigar. Moreover, collaborations with factories capable of producing superior quality garments will help to elevate the brand's quality, while also optimizing cost.

Tyler draws attention to the profound influence that the West Coast, particularly California, has on Harley-Davidson-centered motorcycling across North America. This affinity for the California vibe was instrumental in the success of Lords in the Canadian market. Additionally, Tyler shares his fascination for the evolving motorcycling scenes in Mexico and Japan, expressing his eagerness to expand into these markets and spend more time there.

Among his preferred riding locations, Tyler cherishes the West Coast and Southern America, locations that reflect his love for the unique cultural landscapes and scenic beauty.

Reflecting on a significant motorcycle accident on his way back from Alaska, Tyler emphasizes the importance of safety precautions. From wearing appropriate gear, maintaining lane discipline, focusing on riders ahead, to riding within your skill level – these lessons were learnt the hard way.

Influenced by Tyler Hazelwood's vision and passion, Lords of Gastown Motorcycle Co. is speeding towards a bright future, making its mark in the motorcycle industry. If you're keen on checking out their offerings, don't forget to visit their website and Instagram page for an array of exciting riding accessories. Ride safe, and thanks for accompanying us on this journey!


In the thrilling world of motorcycles, one name consistently roars above the rest: Russ Brown. In the annals of history, Russ, the intrepid founder of Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, holds the esteemed title of the original motorcycle lawyer who rides. With an enduring passion for riding kindled from his earliest days, Russ transformed a personal love affair into a lifelong career, a journey that commenced back in 1975. His enduring advocacy for fellow bikers in the face of adversity earned him recognition as California's preeminent motorcycle attorney, a title that soon encompassed the entirety of the United States. Celebrating his extraordinary commitment to the biker community, Russ was inaugurated into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame in 2013, becoming the first-ever lawyer to claim this honor.

Russ’s early motorcycling days can be traced back to his first bike, a 125cc Royal Enfield, a choice dictated more by financial constraints than preference. His heart always longed for a Harley-Davidson, a dream he eventually fulfilled in the late fifties with the purchase of a 1954 Panhead. He soon became part of the Santa Maria Owls, an AMA-sanctioned club. Following his military service stint, Russ secured a Honda Super Hawk 305 for commuting during his studies at UCLA. With a BA in Marketing under his belt, Russ decided to shun conventional corporate America in favor of pursuing something more gratifying. Consequently, he went on to earn his law degree, leading him to a career path that perfectly amalgamated his love for riding with his dedication to justice.

Russ is credited with pioneering the field of motorcycle accident injury law. His dedication towards understanding the intricate dynamics of motorcycle accidents and his firsthand familiarity with the bias faced by riders on the road led to his reputation as a tenacious defender of bikers’ rights. His work transcended mere legal representation, as he actively contributed to building and promoting influential motorcycle organizations like ABATE, MMA, and MRF. To date, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® continues to honor Russ's legacy by sponsoring significant motorcycle events, rallies, and local organizations across the United States.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® offers an unparalleled scope of services that extend beyond mere legal representation. Decades ago, Russ launched a revolutionary FREE initiative, BAM (Breakdown Assistance for Motorcyclists), a program that has grown to serve over two million members nationwide. BAM offers invaluable services such as free legal advice and roadside emergency assistance, aiming to ensure the safety of every rider on the road.

Today, the firm is spearheaded by Chuck Koro & Jim Romag, renowned figures in the realm of motorcycle accident law. Their nationwide team, comprised of carefully selected, highly skilled motorcycle accident lawyers, pledges to provide superior legal services to the biker community. This group of attorneys is not affiliated through monetary transactions or franchises but is brought together by shared values and commitment to the highest standards of legal care. Operating under the alternate title of Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP in California, they maintain a nationwide presence by affiliating with a team of expert attorneys, thereby strengthening their mission to protect riders on the road.

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